Traveling is always fun but is it the same if you fly to the destination or choose to drive? Certainly NOT. Both are very different experiences and definitely influence the whole vibe of the trip. While flights can get you to the destination comparatively faster than driving, road trips can add so much fun to the long journey that reaching sooner or later matters the least. This is not the only reason why we believe road trips are not just better but the best.

It Is Flexible

Road trips are very flexible as compared to flights. You can plan or postpone whenever you want, choose whatever destination and leave whenever you feel like. No waiting for hours in the airport for your flight’s departure and arrival times, you are your own boss here. There are literally no can carry everything that you need and as many bags as you want without having to care about the flight guidelines.

Do Whatever You Feel Like

Want to take a moment to stop and just enjoy the beautiful view? Feel like listening to the best beats of the old, evergreen times? Wish to change the direction and follow another path instead? Need to take a break and smoke delta 8 flower? Well, go ahead and do anything and everything you feel like when you are on a road trip.

Cost Effective

Road trips are actually cheaper than flights. Flights are really expensive, we all know that but road trips are comparatively pocket friendly. You can carry your own snacks, split the expenses and it won’t cost you even close to what you shall be spending collectively on your flights. It is an added advantage to already enhanced fun.

Be Spontaneous

You can be as spontaneous as you want now that you don’t have any pre booked flights. Wish to stay longer than the vacation? Sure, you don’t have to cancel the flight. How about staying in this locality for a night before reaching the destination? Well, it’s your vehicle, your path, your choice. You decide where you wish to turn and stop.

Great Time to Bond

This is the time that you can use to bond with your friends and family. Talk, groove, play, sing, click pictures, anything that brings you closer to them. Mostly trips are plans to get togethers. You meet your friends after a considerably long time and this is probably the time you will spend the most with them before getting busy and consumed by work again. Do everything, discussions, talks, open up about life, plans and stresses, let everything out on the road trips and reach the destination with a lighter heart and mind. 

Say No to Germs

When you are traveling in your own car, you are saving yourself from stranger touches and infections. This is one of the most important and beneficial points about choosing road trips over flights. There will be minimum interactions, touch and sharing of germs and infections. It is an immensely important point to consider especially in the time we are facing. 

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