Renovations are never easy. Re-designing takes a lot of time and money. And when it comes to the bathroom, it is the most expensive place to redecorate after your kitchenette. But, you don’t need a gut renewal to make your place feel luxury. By updating small details like your mirror, storage, or bath mat, you can quickly uplift the look and feel of your bathroom. The size of your bathing space doesn’t matter when you are going to redesign it. Just be smart enough to pick the right decor for it. Without breaking your bank, there are ways to give your bathroom a luxurious look. Here are the tricks for giving your bathroom a chic feel. 

Start With a Touch of Greenery

A beautiful lush green plant, unexpected window, and colorful rug treatments make the lavatory feel as equipped as the rest of the house. Try placing a small orchid or asparagus fern near the bathtub. But, if you want to highlight it more, you can also pick a big plant. Adding greenery is not less than introducing liveliness in your bathroom. So, if you’re thinking of restoring your space, consider this trick. 

Paint Everything One Color

If you want to make choices easy for you, paint your bathroom in one color. Picking one color and sticking to it gives you the freedom to play with hardware. Suppose, if you choose the traditional shade and paint your whole bath white, enhancing it with any of the secondary colors gets more manageable for you. You don’t need to think twice while getting anything for re-creating your bathroom place. But firstly, give it a single-unique tone!

Add Pink

Every bathroom has a focal point — a place where you can make the most of the impression. And what’s better than making your mirror place the center of attraction. Think pink for an intriguing set up to get ready each morning. Choose something different that combines a dark and nude shade. Pink is really flattering. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s giving your bathroom a great facelift. 

Add Something metallic

If you are doing things to renew your bathroom, what about adding a dash of metal to it? Metallic rub gives your space a more luxe and fancy look. For a neat and polished washroom, many people work with metallic seating arrangements. By adding metal in the door handles and taps, you can give your bathroom a real luxurious look. Or you can choose a shimmery paint and can change the look of your old bathtub. It always works.

Pick an Unusual Mirror

Your shower mirror adds character to your entire space. So, don’t settle for the old-style mirrors; instead, think out of the box and add some personality to your bathroom decor. A right mirror can turn your basic bathroom into an expensively devised space. It tilts the entire look of your zone. So, when you go shopping for a mirror, look out for some fascinating shapes with antique detailing. And choose the size of the mirror according to your bathroom’s size. Fix it on the right wall where it looks functional and classy. 

Hang Some Lights

Lighting is a great way to accentuate the overall decor. Sadly, when it comes to torching up the bathroom, most of the folks settle for less. How can you forget that lights are the only ways to highlight the beauty of your whole bathroom? If you don’t want to spend a thousand bucks, just buy a medium-size pendant light. Hang it in the center of your ceiling, and that’s it. But if you want to utilize your old decors, go and look for something into your storehouse. If you get your old schoolhouse-style sink, make a hanging shade with it for your regular bulbs. And add a luxury glow to your shower.

Use Your Drawing Skills

Renovating a bathroom with drawing and art gives it a timeless expression. Take your sketch colors and find out some old Roman paintings. Draw something meaningful and provide an artistic touch to your morning space. You can also intensify it with some landscape drawings. You can design your entire space with your art. But don’t go to paint all the walls- Pick a single wall, and leave the rest.

Style it up With Curtains

Construct a basic shower stall with a set of matching curtains to turn it into a crafty focal point. A blue pair of curtains can add extra color to your white place. The beauty is- you divide the bathing zone with this idea and make your shower-room more useful. Additionally, you can also cover a wall with curtains to create fake windows. Many people use it to add glamour to their bathrooms. 

Select a Bold Shower

A piece of good shower equipment augments the beauty of every bathroom. So, save an unexpected pattern for your bathing room. It really adds to the extravagant look of your shower space. Mainly, for the small size washrooms, this trick always works. Without splurging on the entire room, you can feature a luxe design with a bold shower. 

Add Some Aroma

A stinking bathroom can waste all the efforts you make in designing your bathroom. So, arrange Something aromatic for it. You can invest in a reliable freshener or go and look for the solution in your home garden. Detach a branch of your eucalyptus and hang the growth in your shower. It keeps your space aromatic all the time and also adds to an extraordinary decor piece. Change the stem regularly to enjoy the scented feel every day. 

Add Some Baskets

Don’t hang your towels here and there in the bathroom. To make it more spacious, add some baskets, and put your bath and hand towels in them only. Baskets look cute and are very affordable. You don’t have to spend even a hundred bucks, and you get storage for your shower room. Place them near your bathtub, where they multiply as decor.