You took months to finalize a couch for your living room. And that coffee table that sits beside your lounging seat on the balcony.  But, something’s missing? No matter how hard you try to plan an arrangement for your house, this feeling always lingers.  

If you are feeling this way, then try adding a pop of color and life to your otherwise lifeless house. 

How? With a plant.

It’s amazing how a plant can uplift your interiors. They are fresh and add a feeling of cleanliness. And the best part? Most of the interior plants do not require much caring. Just water them once a while and they will keep emanating positive vibes. 

So here is a list of plants that you can use to decorate your house.

Coffee Plant

Whether you are a fan of coffee or not, you will surely find a likeness to coffee plants. Yes, it is the same plant that gives you your daily caffeine. But, did you know it makes for an amazing indoor plant?

These plants are fairly easy to grow and maintain. All you need to do is find a place in your house that has bright but indirect sunlight. Also, avoid placing it in a place where you may experience air leaks in winters. As this plant cannot stand lower temperatures. 

For the soil, you can use fertilizers every 3 months, if you like. Make sure to keep the soil humid and well drained. Also, coffee plants can grow upto 6 feet tall. And if lucky, you may even experience some blossoms. 

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plants are perfect for spacious areas as they can grow into very tall plants. However, if you want them to be small, keep pruning them or just place them in a small pot. Just remember to place them in a location that does not receive direct sunlight. Like on the floor by the window. 

These plants do not require regular watering but you must keep its soil moist. If in case you forget to water it, don’t worry. Its saggy branches will tell you that it’s time for a feed. Its waxy looking leaves can add a casual yet organised feel to your home. But, do clean them once a while with a damp cloth to maintain the shiny surface. 

Spider Plants

Spider plants can add an abstract and modern vibe to your home. These long green and white leafy plants look really cook in a hanging pot. Again, avoid placing them in direct sunlight as they are heat sensitive. These plants only need initial care with occasional water and light sunlight. Once mature, they can go a long time without watering. 

With time, you may witness white flowers and tiny ‘pups’ ( baby spider plants) resembling spiders in the pot. You can use these pups to grow new spider plants for your house.

Snake Plant

If you are known as the worst caretaker but wish to have a plant for your living room. Go with a snake plant. No matter how careless you are, it is very difficult to kill a snake plant. You can literally place it anywhere and water whenever you like. And it will still sway it long leaves for you.

Along with standing as a decorative piece in your house, these plants have several health benefits. First, they are known to be great air purifiers by absorbing toxins from the air and giving out oxygen. Second, they are great for eliminating allergens from the air. 

String of Pearls

These are one of my favorite indoor plants. They look amazing in a hanging pot and exude freshness. Also, you do not have to worry much about it. Just keep the pot in a bright space but without direct sunlight. As for its water schedule, just manage to keep its soil moist. Or water it every two to three weeks. 

Just keep one thing in mind. If you have pets or babies around your house. Keep this plant away from them. As it can be toxic. Especially when it blooms.


How could I leave one of the most loved and classic household plants? Cactus is the easiest to grow and maintain on this list. Also, they have a wide variety. From bunny years to angel wing cactus. You can choose whatever suits your aesthetic. 

Different types have different needs. Just secure them a bright, sunny place and water them moderately. Some of them even bloom with colorful flowers which is just an icing on the cake.