Freelancing offers you the best lifestyle. With no restrictions and no deadlines to meet, you get to work however you want. But this can easily take a toll on your productivity and work performance. Even though people incline towards freelancing because of the freedom, the same freedom is the reason why a lot of freelancers are left with no option but to move back to the same 9 to 5 routine that they once left.

Saying that it is easy for a freelancer to manage work would be foolish. However, saying it is absolutely impossible will be false to a great extent as well. It is difficult, for sure, but changing a few things in the routine and introducing a few applications in the work scenario can help a lot in managing time and work, making it easier for you to stay productive most of the time, if not always.

Manage Tasks and Time

Manage Tasks and Time

There are several apps, both paid as well as free, available on the internet that can help you manage the tasks, make a to-do list, prioritize tasks, and keep a check on the time you spent working or staying idle. These apps can not only help you document your work for the day but even give you an idea by the end of the day about how productive you were during the hours you were working. It is a great way to keep a track of your time and productivity. Not just that, it even challenges you to score better in the productivity percentage and complete your tasks on time. Every day can be better than the previous one if you decide to stick to one such productivity app.

White Noise for Distractions

Getting distracted by anything and everything is quite easier when there is no one keeping a track of your work except you. To avoid getting distracted by people around you or your own thoughts, white noises, concentration music apps, and productivity music available on youtube can help you. There are several apps and websites that have white noises such as rain, thunderstorm, a working coffee machine, and waterfall that allow you to work in a peaceful environment with calming noise of your choice. If white noise isn’t something that helps you stay focused, you can try meditation music and subliminals for staying focused. There are a lot of videos and music available on the internet.

Manage, Document, and Save Information

Manage, Document, and Save Information

For a freelancer, it is easy to avoid documenting information and tasks because you don’t have to report to anyone and you can always keep things and information safe at the back of your head, can’t you? Well, no, you can’t and even if you can, you shouldn’t. Even if you are not reporting to anyone, document every information about the client or tasks that you are working on or have done so far in a sheet. Google docs, microsoft, excel sheets and office, there are several softwares that can help you document information and keep it safe with yourself in the computer or cloud so that you don’t forget or misplace the important information.

From client information to the invoice and every task that you have created for that client should be documented along with detailed information so that in case you have to look back and see what you did and how you did something, you have information saved for your own reference.

Schedule Meetings

When you have no deadlines, it can easily turn into a “no routine” lifestyle. You are taking client calls whenever, checking mails, replying back to them as soon as they pop up, checking on the text conversation with a potential client, waiting for a reply. You are working, yes, but what you are not realizing is that this work is distracting you from your actual work. You are not able to complete tasks because you were occupied with something else. And even though you consider this a part of your work, this is not going to pay you, your work is. You need to schedule meetings and talk to clients at a specific time for an already decided amount of time. You can use apps like calendly to schedule your meetings and tasks and dedicate the majority of your day to the actual task.

Parting Words

While this article is dedicated to using technology to improve work performance as a freelancer and increase productivity, it is important to realize that the same technology can be the reason behind several issues such as why you are distracted in the first place. Yes, this is about social media. It is important to use social media to get over work stress but it is equally important to avoid it as well when you are working. Make sure you are using technology wisely so that it works in your favor. Also, if you are overwhelmed with the work and need a light, entertaining distraction, try