It’s 2021 and a lot has changed over the past few years. The music industry, which was once majorly dominated by English songs & American singers has now opened up to more diverse languages and their cultural representations. 

Now don’t tell me you were always receptive toward music in foreign language just because you enjoyed listening to Enrique’s ‘Bailando’ back in the day and Luis Fonsi’s Despacito a few years ago. Musical productions for years have known no bounds but their distribution was always concerning. 

The music industry that wasn’t always very open to artists of other languages, at least on a global level, has now been opened to epic musical compositions, irrespective of their language of choice. 

But music is now available on the internet; every form, every language, just a minute away. This international promotion of artists and underrated music has brought some sweet tunes to your Spotify playlists. 

This is where social media recommendations, reel based promotions, youtube advertisements, all have helped some extremely underrated artists reach levels of monumental recognition. 

As the pop music sensation BTS said in an interview, there is “No language Barrier In Music”. If you don’t know who this 7 member boy band is, you’re definitely living under a rock. From topping the billboard charts for weeks in a row to being the first korean act to get Grammy nominations, the group has quite frankly, transcended all barriers of language. But they aren’t the first korean act to receive worldwide recognition. Remember dancing to the beats of Gangnam Style? That’s what broke the internet. 

But if you don’t understand the words, why should you listen to the music? 

Because music is more than just lyrics. While it’s an integral part and you’ll find translations to almost every lyric out there, you can always dwell in the rhythm of the tunes. 

Here are some songs in foreign languages that made it big. Chances are, you’ve probably heard all of them. 

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Soeur Sourire- Dominique

I’m sure you’ve heard this somewhere out there, it was trending just a while ago on insta, maybe still is. 

The Ketchup Song

For any 19s kid, this has to be a childhood favorite. The seemingly gibberish chorus was definitely a party favourite and you can never really forget the steps to the song.

Kyu Sakamoto – Sukiyaki

The first japanese song to top american charts and on top of that to be a song of protest against the military presence in Japan. 

Yolando Be Cool & DCUP

Another one to be found all around the internet, this one became number one in a dozen foreign countries. Even with southern italian lyrics, the song even reached Korean television.

Los Del Rio- Macarena

This one has aged like wine, this catchy song still trends on social media, and spent about 14 weeks atop Billboard Hot 100.

PSY – Gangnam Style

Even as a famous singer in Korea, the flash video was enough to get the global attention towards a fresh platter of the Korean music industry. We’ve all danced to it, we still do.

Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee- Despacito

This was the song played at every party, with every person trying to sing it but failing miserably. 

These are just a few of the songs that charted during their times, and are heard even today. The recent entries however, aren’t so far apart in years. There is new music being created everyday, in every language there is. This might be the right time to explore, not only listen to new and different genres you never knew about but learn about different cultures and explore their intricacies. 

From Indie, blues, rock, pop, metal, country or soul, you’ll find songs of all genres in all languages. Opt for a night in, take some weed edibles, dim down your lights and get ready for a night of your musical exhilaration. 

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