Is your dog a camp lover? Or is he going camping with you for the very first time? If you are a camp lover and you want your dog to also love camping, then why not take him along? 

Camping and glamping (glamour camping) are well liked by many pet lovers. And it is a means to get away from the daily routine. Since we all have been at our places amid the lockdown. And have been eagerly waiting for fulfilling our passion of camping with our emotional support dog , who was our partner in crime in these tough times. 

Most of the glamp grounds and campgrounds are pet welcoming. This is the reason why you can spend quality time outdoors ideally with your pet. Also you get to nourish the beautiful nature. 

And why to worry when there is AirBnB! Yes, you read that right. Even if you didn’t come completely prepared or you ran out of something at the last moment, then you can pick it from a store nearby. 

Camping with our dog means we need to have a checklist of items our pet will require. We must have a packing list well in advance along with the items you’ll be sharing with your dog during camping. Doing this helps to ensure that you are not forgetting any essential item. And if you discover that you have forgotten anything, then add it to your packing list for the next time. 

It might be seeming so cool and easy to you right now. But don’t stop! There’s lot more!

Is Your Dog Prepared For Camping?

The first and foremost question that you should ask yourself, when thinking of going on a campsite. An untrained, aggressive and constantly barking dog is not ready to go along with you.  I’ll share my personal experience with you. Tiff, my dog, although was not a barker, the time I adopted him. But I had to train him with the basics, like how to sit and stay there until called. I did all the work on him in order to make him an obedient dog. 

The training module consisted of how to walk nicely with a gear, to remain quiet when asked, not to bark on seeing other people’s dogs, rather love them. In order to enjoy camping, make sure your dog also enjoys it and has fun doing it with you. 

Is Every Camp Destination Dog Friendly?

Do you know whether the campground you are going to is dog friendly? Not all campgrounds are dog friendly. And the ones that are, do have some rules for the dog visitors. 

Are you a student and your college is taking you for a campsite visit? And you want to take your dog also along to make him also feel the enthusiasm. Then you must check the website of the campground you are going to and tell them in advance about your plans so that they can guide you with the rules. 

Some campgrounds have a fenced dog play area there itself and some have away from the camping spaces. Whether the campgrounds want your dog to be with a leash or without a leash, you’ll always want him to be close to you. 

Never Forget to Bring a Comfy Bed

A nice and soothing shower is a must for me for a comfortable sleep after the tiring camp day. In the same way a padded travel bed is must for your dog, instead of the too hard ground, for a comfortable sleep. You can even bring your dog’s regular bed and blanket for him. In this way they will get all the warmth if you are at a place where nights are colder. 

It’s nice to buy some dog booties if your campground is going to be in an area that has hard rocks or rough terrain. This way you’ll be protecting him from any foot injury. But do train them with the booties well ahead in time, so that they get used to wearing them. 

Bring Your Own Food And Water

Like humans, dogs also have digestive problems. And might not want to spoil your camping just because of this reason. Unlike plants, dogs get infected with giardia from rivers and lakes. So, bringing bottled water or a filter and your dog’s regular food is a good idea. 

Also, don’t overfeed your dog otherwise you’ll regret the next morning by spending the last night wishing you had a gas mask along. Always feed your dog a little less than it usually got at home. By doing this you don’t have to go mad in taking them to the toilet so frequently.