Eyes are one of the most vital organs in the human body. With so much importance, it’s natural that they need care too. Most of us tend to ignore this fact and the result is evident in the form of eye problems. Eye strain is pretty common. There are a lot of factors that can cause this. Working in front of the computer, watching TV, using gadgets like phones and tablets can be taxing for the eyes.  Digital screens emit high-intensity blue light that is harmful to the eyes. Most tend to spend long hours in front of the screen. This puts a lot of pressure on the eyes and gives rise to pain. Well, there is a new trend that has caught the attention of experts. We’re talking about ‘Blue light glasses’. Heard about them? They are not that famous yet but actually worth the attention. 

Screen time is bad for your health

Whether you’re going through your emails or just randomly scrolling through your social media feeds, prolonged screen time is bad for the eyes. Digital screens emit blue light that is harmful. While our body uses some amount of blue light to manage sleep and wake cycles, prolonged exposure can induce bad effects. It can cause eye strain, disrupt your sleep and put you at risk of permanent eye damage. Blue light presents a solution to this. It can reduce the amount of blue light entering your eye and subsequently reduce the possibility of eye pain. Considering this, the use of blue light glasses is increasing. 

Here are some stats

Presently, blue light glasses have a market share of about $19 million. Well, according to the Market Study Report, this figure is set to rise to $27 million in the upcoming years. This clearly points to the scale of use. Optical companies are increasingly banking on this idea and marketing campaign includes benefits like improved sleep cycle, less strain, and a lower risk of eye diseases. Well, is it worth all the hype? There are contrasting views on this.

The research is limited

The glasses are relatively new in the market. So, there is limited research on the same. Also, there is no regulation from the FDA because eyewear is not considered as a medical device. The American Academy of Ophthalmology feels that no specific eyewear is needed to combat eye pain arising from computer use. In fact, it says that it does not suggest any specific eyewear for computer users. It has a surprising take on this. It says that blue light emitting from the screens is not a cause of eye strain. It’s the prolonged use that causes the issues. Also, the Association of Optometrists in the UK mentions that there is no strong evidence that blue light blocking spectacles can actually reduce eye pain, improve sleep quality, or improve eye health. 

There is no shortage of blue light

Blue light is basically everywhere. A large portion of it comes from the sun. Well, the thing with gadgets like computers, tablets, and phones is that they emit a brighter version of the blue light. It has a shorter wavelength and is harmful for the eyes. There are various surveys that point to the increased screen time in people. Acuvue’s survey shows that individuals spend an average of 6.5 hrs a day in front of the screen. Another survey by the Pew Research Center says that 28% of Americans constantly go online. Experts mention that these research point to the overuse of digital screens and have no mention of blue light causing eye problems. 

Blue light might be good for the sleep

Advocates of blue light glasses say that it helps them sleep better at night. Well, researchers say that blue light from your computer and phone screens can help in the production of sleep-inducing melatonin in the movie. University of Houston conducted a research that says blue light sunglasses improved the production of melatonin in 58% of workers. People feel that with glasses, they can work more without much strain on the eyes. Also, it helps them in sleeping better. Well, the American manage eye strain. There is no specific need for blue light blocking glasses. For another way to sleep better have a look at these delta-8 gummies reviews.

In general, you can naturally reduce any form of eye strain. You don’t really need any special glasses to achieve eye comfort. Experts recommend following the 20-20-20 rule. It simply means that after a slab of 20 mins, you have to look at a random object for 20 seconds. You should note that the object should be approximately 20 feet away. Also, always keep an eye drop with you to manage dry eyes. 

So, there is no concrete research that shows blue light glasses can reduce eye strain. This surely a positive side too but we don’t really know. It’s better to wait for further research that presents the usability of blue light blocking glasses in a better way.