This is a complicated question as to why religion and science can not be classified in a single frame. Before taking matters further, let’s make one thing clear that both the ideologies might be different or incompatible but a single person might believe in both of them. There is no limitation for a person to be religious and a good scientist together. Instead, we should focus on more important things like “what’s right and what’s wrong.” 

What is The Actual Reason Behind Their Incompatibility?

The reason for the differences lies in the fact that they reach different conclusions that seem incompatible most of the time. Where religion is about faith and beliefs, science is about facts. For instance, “Jesus died and was resurrected,” or that “God made the entire universe in six days.” Science does not comply with any of these sayings. Here starts the incompatibility. Science clearly defines that things must be clearly explained and proven using different analysis. Anything above and beyond does not hold any space in scientific terms. 

It’s not that claims affect any person in any way emotionally or physically. But, claiming something that they have never experienced or seen themselves feels a little naive. If someone makes a baseless claim in the name of religion which is not supported by facts or evidence, science refutes it. No one can explain religion and its origin like a scientist can explain gravity. Yes, both ideologies can co-exist but their beliefs are so strong that more often than not, they end up refuting each other. That is also because both have been built on different structures. 

Where belief gives us power and motivation, it also takes the art of reasoning out of the equation. And the scientific community doesn’t want to agree with this. Galileo, Newton are two of the most famous scientists who have earned their reputation today because of their work in respective fields. But at that time religious sects were too powerful for a scientist to deter. Let’s dive a little deeper into this. 

What do Scientists Have to Say?

Scientists have always said that knowledge with any type of validity only comes from science and that religious beliefs are nothing but superstitions or per-scientific explanations of any subject or concept. While people who have strong religious beliefs say that science is more of a materialistic association of modern equipment and their inventions. 

On the flip side, scientists believe that science is nothing but a way to inquire about nature and what’s going around in the universe with facts, data, and reasoning that will help us lead a better life. One can grow in this time only if they are well-acquainted with scientific practices. The technologies that are making our lives easier and other paradigms of life are only because of scientific innovations that have happened over the past few decades, such as computers, telemedicine, IVF, space missions, and whatnot. Life expectancy has increased over the years because of scientific reasoning and research. 

What’s The Final Verdict?

Religion and science are two entities that are based on different ideologies. So, comparing them with each other would be like comparing an office building with a residential apartment. Both hold prominent value in our society. And it is not about belittling each other but finding a way to co-exist. So, people who have certain religious beliefs must not be concerned with whatever scientists are achieving in today’s world. And the same goes for the other group as well. It is all about living in harmony with each other.  To someone looking for security, buying dogs for protection seems more practical than praying or otherwise but that is where we need to learn to understand and respect each other’s beliefs. 

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One must understand that science is limited to just cultural, political, or materialistic things that are present in this world. Nothing goes beyond that dimension. However, religious belief transcends to a world that is unknown to anyone scientifically. So, comparing the two will be a sheer waste of time. One is based on faith while the other is dependent on the facts. How can a religious leader take over the processes which were logically created by someone with valid qualifications? And how can a scientist argue over something he may not be able to comprehend? And when you look a little deeper into this dimension, science says never to disregard a possibility and the same goes for religion. So, let’s just co-exist and find ways to make it compatible.