Considering all the social, economic, and personal distractions we have nowadays, keeping up with our full potential seems tough.

Maintaining our productivity seems tough. While just passing your days might be easy for a short time period, lack of productivity in the long-run can hamper your mental health. 

Especially if you’re an ambitious person. So, below we share the top 7 productivity hacks that you must know and follow to lead a better life.

Make a to-do List 

Make a to-do List 

The first and foremost thing to boost your productivity is to make a to-do list everyday. Even better, plan your day the night before. Before you go to bed, take out a diary and plan what you want to do the next day.

 List all the tasks that need to be done on priority. This not only helps you increase your productivity but also saves you time to have some personal time.

Take Care of Your Mood

Believe it or not, your mood has a great impact on your productivity. Remember how proactive and energetic you are in your good mood days? Well, is it something that you always experience? 

No, right. How productive would you be if you start all your days on a good note? While we do understand that every day cannot be filled with joy and enthusiasm, we can try our best to protect our precious energy and put it into things that actually matter. So, don’t let your mood come in the way. 

Sometimes you also have to neglect your mood and still do your job. And that’s fair enough. You cannot actually behave as per your mood. So, the solution is to work on things that keep your mind and body in a good state. 

Eat Good Food 

Eat Good Food 

Eating healthy should be a conscious choice and not a compulsion imposed by society. Your body needs good food to function well. Be it mentally or physically. Research suggests that eating a nutrient rich diet is beneficial for both mind and body. 

And a stable connection of mind and body is what eventually will boost your productivity levels. Following a healthy diet on a regular basis helps you become happier, more creative, energetic and hence, more productive the entire day. 

If you do not know much about a healthy diet routine, you can talk to a nutritionist and get yourself a proper diet chart as per your body requirements. 

Stay Physically Active 

Staying physically active does not only enhance your creativity at work but is also good for your overall health. Following a consistent fitness routine that includes both exercising and eating healthy can bring significant results in your life. 

Latest studies show that exercising regularly can make a person more smarter and energetic. It also reflects in the other aspects of your life. You do not necessarily need to hit the gym, you can indulge in any form of physical activity, be it dancing, yoga, aerobics or any sport. Make sure you’re making your body work hard. If you have a high-status job which involves risk,  you can also hire a residential security to follow you even in areas like the gym. 

Take Proper Rest 

Take Proper Rest 

While you might think productivity is all about working the whole day, it is also about giving your mind and body enough rest. A regular sleep of 7-8 hours is essential for your body to recover. Even research suggests that people with irregular sleep patterns are more likely to adversely affect their work life and personal life. However, people who followed a tight sleep schedule of minimum 7 hours daily were more active, happier, and productive at work. 

Use Your Energy Carefully 

Productivity is surely about using your energy but into the right things. You can waste your time on unessential tasks and then complain about being apathetic. For being productive, you must channel your energy to finish off your important tasks first. Using your time in doing something productive will also make you feel good about yourself. 

Be Mindful 

Be Mindful 

Last but not the least, be mindful. Know what’s going around you and your life. Analyse your thoughts, feelings, decisions and see what’s going wrong. What is it that you can do to make your life better. Thinking about these things would automatically make you more conscious towards your life and hence, productivity will follow.